Powdered Latex Detergent

CrossLink is a 100% active detergent formulated with a balanced blend of premium-quality synthetic detergents, water softeners, emulsifiers, and alkaline builders. It is unscented and will not leave unwanted color in tanks. CrossLink removes latexes, resins, regular solvents, and lube oils. Maximum performance achieved when used with Emulsi-Fire SB Latex Skin Cutter.

Charge vat with 1 lb. CrossLink for every 4 gallons vat capacity. Mix thoroughly and bring temperature to 190° F. Begin washing. Reuse solution until effectiveness is reduced, then replace with a fresh batch.

When using with Emulsi-Fire SB with CrossLink, add enough to achieve 10% by volume. Example for 500 gallon vat: 3 x 50# pails CrossLink, 55 gallon drum Emulsi-Fire SB.