Cleaning Solutions

JOHN-HENRY ENTERPRISES, INC. provides specialty cleaning solutions & consultation.

There is no improvement without change.   We believe that the synergy between chemistry and innovation can generate new ways to advance and improve cleaning technology.  In fighting the war between industrial processes and environmental consciousness, we arm our customers with the right weapons so the outcome produces:

  • Improved cleaning methods and procedures
  • Shorter cleaning times and better utilization of items already in your inventory
  • Procure additional items (if necessary)
  • Obtain required permits (if applicable)
  • Increased profits
  • Zero environmental impact.

We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our consulting services.*        It’s a win-win for everyone! 

John-Henry not only does local consulting for large industrial companies within the Greater New Orleans area but has also consulted with companies through-out the United States and  international locations in Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Venezuela, Uruguay, China, and Brazil.  Our fees to consult are reasonable.  Se ‘ habla español at 504-669-5479

*Our 100% satisfaction guarantee:  If you are not completely satisfied with our suggested improvements as stated above, then our hourly or daily consulting rates will not be invoiced.  Also, in the event that your company chooses to purchase any John-Henry brand equipment and/or detergents, the hourly or daily consulting fees may be discounted or waived completely.

Call at local at 504-888-8989 or 1-800-992-7448 or  for a site visit or for more information.