Vehicle Care

ARMOUR PLATE  Silicone Emulsion

Your second biggest investment is exposed to dirt, grime and harmful UV rays.  Count on Armour Plate to help keep your vehicle looking as good as the day you bought it. This modern proprietary formula meets the highest standards for protection. Armour Plate cleans away dirt and debris while helping to prevent fading and discoloration. Enhances your vehicle’s rich look while adding a beautiful shine – revitalizes vinyl, rubber and plastic components.

TIRE BRIGHT  Solvent Based 20% Silicone

Tire Bright is high-content silicone tire dressing formulated to deliver beautiful, mirror-like shine and a rich black look to tires and faded plastic body trim. Conditions and preserves your tires black look, while forming a shield for easy cleaning and “brown removal” during subsequent washes

NO DOUBT  Wheel Cleaner

Brake dust and grime are easily removed with this buffered acidic product that works like aggressive aluminum brighteners, but without the deleterious effects. Removes all manner of brake dust and is safe on clear coated wheels and wire rims.

D-STAIN  Peroxygen Odor Eliminator

So you spilled a sugar laced soft drink on your factory carpet, or you miscalculated a flash flood water height and your carpet is soaked. D-STAIN is the answer. Solubilize just 4 oz in one gallon of water and re-flood the carpet. Allow to stand for one hour, and vacuum out all you can. Malodors disappear. Moreover, the carpet’s fiber will snap back to life.

BODY GLOSS  Final Detail Spray Wax

An easy-to-use, high gloss detail spray cleaner and wax. Removes finger prints, smudges, and dust. Leaves a high gloss protective finish. Simply spray and wipe.