Latex and Resin

About These Polymers…

Latex WILL humble even the most seasoned tank washer. Begin by cold water flushing, followed by  tank entry with a powerful pressure washer so as to remove all loose latex. Follow with chemical wash using CROSSLINK and EMULSI-FIRE SB. Elevate vat solution temperature to 195F or 90C to begin. Heat / Chemicals / Impingement – is right for latex.

Resins in an unpolymerized state will behave better. The use of Pre-Solves will shorten cleaning times. We have a variety of tailor made Pre-Solves just for your needs.

CROSSLINK   Latex Detergent (powder)
EMULSI-FIRE SB   Latex Skin Cutter
TC-111   Latex & Resin Caustic Booster
TC-202   Hot Vat Resin Emulsifier
M-PINGE 200   Vapor Impingement
LIQUI-FIRE RX   Latex & Resin Presolve
LIQUI-FIRE RXE   4-ADPA & Resin Stripper 
LIQUI-FIRE LST   Non-Haz Resin Presolve