Fuel Fix

This product is a ready-to-use fuel oil conditioner formulated to treat problems associated with the transport, storage, and combustion of residual fuels. Treatment of fuel oils with FUEL FIX provides better dispersion of heavy hydrocarbons, carbon, water, and other sludge and deposit-forming substances. Treatment promotes emulsification of water in the fuel, and improves atomization and combustion of the fuel oils. It also decreases corrosion of metal equipment that comes in contact with the fuel oil. Benefits derived from the use of FUEL FIX include reduced buildup of tank-bottom sludge, minimal varnish and gum formation.

FUEL FIX further promotes a phase separation of the water from the oil, allowing the water to be withdrawn separately from the storage tank. The end result is that the fuel treated with FUEL FIX is maintained in a stabilized condition, thereby preventing costly operating problems.

FUEL FIX may be used at a ratio of one (1) US Gallon per 12,000 Gallons of fuel, or one (1) quart per 3,000 gallons of fuel. In the heavier oils, such as Bunker, FUEL FIX may be pre-mixed with “exempt” aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents (e.g., orthodichlorobenzene, monochlorotoluene as follows: 1 part FUEL FIX to 2-4 parts solvent by weight. Use rate in No. 6 fuel oil: 1 gallon of FUEL FIX/SOLVENT additive for every 3,000 -6,000 gallons of oil. (1 liter formulation per 3-6 cubic meters oil.)