Floor Cleaners

APEX   Non Butyl Heavy Duty Caustic Cleaner

APEX is an extra strong blend of detergents, alkalies, and chelates designed for complete and effortless removal of fatty and proteinaceous soils and blood from floors, walls, and equipment in food processing plants, food processing and handling areas, and kitchens. The high alkalinity of APEX saponifies fats and grease while the special, biodegradable surfactants remove, suspend, and flush all soils from surfaces leaving them clean and sanitary.

NEUTRAL CLEAN   Mild ph Hard Surface Cleaner

NEUTRAL CLEAN is a completely synthetic general purpose cleaner that is safe to use on any surface that is not harmed by water alone. This includes floors, walls, food equipment, etc. NEUTRAL CLEAN is moderately foaming, biodegradable, and free rinsing. It is the ideal product for maintaining finished or unfinished asphalt tile, vinyl and vinyl composition, terrazzo, concrete, marble, and ceramic and quarry tile floors as well as a conditioning newly stripped floors in preparation for refinishing. 

MVP  Non Butyl Non Caustic Cleaner

MVP Low Foam Detergent was specially designed for use in automatic floor scrubbing equipment. MVP is a blend of high pH alkalies, low foam biodegradable detergents, chelating agents, and a non-butyl water soluble solvent designed to remove dirt and to emulsify grease and oil easily without leaving a residual film. MVP may be used to in garages, warehouses, industrial areas, convention halls, and the like.

YARD DOG    Heavy Duty Butyl Degreaser

YARD DOG Heavy Duty Degreaser is a highly concentrated, highly fortified liquid cleaner and degreaser for the heaviest cleaning jobs. This extra duty product is designed to put the bite on oil, grease, fatty materials, and other hard to remove soils. YARD DOG is a potent combination of surfactants, chelates and dispersants, caustic and ‘butyl’ that is excellent for cleaning and degreasing concrete floors wherever fats and greases are a problem.