Asphalt and Tar Remover

ATR-220 is specifically compounded to quickly clean commercial vehicles and equipment exposed to tar, asphalt, bitumen, oil, grease, sludge and asphalt-based plastic cements. It minimizes costly clean-up time and labor by making complete removal an uncomplicated one-product operation. The concentrate is simply sprayed, mopped or wiped on the surface, allowed to penetrate and dissolve the soiled deposit and hosed clean with water. Heaviest build-ups are broken down and floated away by the special solvents and emulsifiers with minimum effort.

Use ATR-220 to clean heavy road working vehicles such as asphalt spreaders, graders, oilers and dump trucks are economically de-tarred without harm to the protective finish. Oil and petroleum companies will find this product indispensable for cleaning tank cars, transport and delivery trucks and storage areas.