Degreasers – Solvent

ATR-165   Tar & Adhesive Remover

ATR-165 is a concentrated, solvent based tar, asphalt, and adhesive remover for road paving and asphalt plant equipment as well as for cleaning up solvent adhesive applicators and removing excess adhesive residues. ATR-165 is easy to use…simply spray or wipe on, and wipe or wash off.

ATR-220   Asphalt and Tar Remover

ATR-220 is specifically compounded to quickly clean vehicles and equipment exposed to tar, asphalt, bitumen, oil, grease, sludge and asphalt-based plastic cements. It minimizes costly clean-up time and labor by making complete removal an uncomplicated one-product operation.

FORMULA 2020   Fast Drying Brake Cleaner

FORMULA 2020 Solvent Degreaser is a fast evaporating degreaser and solvent cleaner containing no chlorinated solvents.  Apply by wiping, dipping, or low pressure spray to electric contacts and motors, machinery parts, electronic equipment, brake linings, and the like to remove oil and grease, lubricants, dust, dirt, and grime. FORMULA 2020 is also recommended for “white  glove” preps in the tank washing industry. FORMULA 2020 dries rapidly and leaves no residues.

PART-SOLV   Partially Chlorinated Parts Washer

PARTS-SOLV is a ready-to-use solvent cleaner for electric motors and components, automotive parts, and other parts and components damaged by exposure to water. PARTS-SOLV is a blend of effective solvents that cleans and degreases, then dries , leaving no residues.

O.S.C.   Orange Terpene-Emulsifiable

O.S.C. Emulsifiable Solvent Degreaser is a non-petroleum green alternative to regular petroleum degreasers. O.S.C. is highly effective in removing oil, grease and tar and a biodegradable detergent and emulsifier makes the product free rinsing and non-residual. Be clean and green with O.S.C. 

STRIPPER 99   Non-Flammable Low VOC

STRIPPER 99 is a special stripper for paint, varnish, and resins. This product is a special non-chlorinated and non-petroleum solvent stripper that is as effective as either, but without the associated toxicity, flammability, and VOC’s. STRIPPER 99 is safe, fast, and easy-to-use. 

X-SOLV   Parts Washer > 140° Flashpoint

X-SOLV parts washer solvent, is a special blend of petroleum and natural solvents that quickly dissolves and removes grease, grime and dirt. X-SOLV is fast acting, quick drying, and can be used in any type of parts washer. X-SOLV is the ideal parts washer solvent for garages and shops. It can also be applied by spraying or wiping on larger parts or equipment.