Extreme Duty Oven Cleaner

D-SOLV is a fast acting, ultra heavy duty cleaner that removes greases and baked-on carbon from ovens, grills, hoods, rotisseries and drip pans. Can also be used on non-aluminum pots and pans, ceramic ware, glass, porcelain, iron and stainless steel.

This thick and clinging formula is designed to quickly saponify heavy grease buildups without multiple applications. Fast acting penetrants carry the active ingredients into and through the heaviest soils. Because it penetrates all the way through the soils, grease and grime quickly wipe away. Does not leave a strong and unpleasant odor.

Use D-SOLV in all food preparation areas such as kitchens of restaurants, cafeterias, schools, and health care facilities. Due to the highly alkaline nature of this formulation, do not use on aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, plastic composition tile, painted surfaces, self-cleaning and/or continuous cleaning ovens.

D-SOLV Tech Specs