Enzyme Producing Bacteria With Odor Control

This liquid live active bacteria is recommended for use in restrooms, grease traps, drain lines, porta toilets, outhouses, septic tanks, R.V.’s, marinas, etc. It is a non-toxic, non alkaline product that liquefies organic waste, grease and food by- products. It also eliminates foul odors. This products contains a synergistic blend of three bacteria strains.

Superior Grease Biodegradation which outperforms competetive formulations in laboratory and field studies.

Superior Germination and Outgrowth results in increased bacterial activity in a variety of organic waste applications.

Accelerated Enzymatic Degradation allows the multiple spore blend to work faster and more effectively.

Enhanced Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance, ideal for applications subject to aerobic and anaerobic environments.