Acid Cleaners

AB-EXTREME    Aluminum Brightener Ultra Concentrate

AB-XTREME, extremely concentrated, heavy duty Aluminum Cleaner and Brightener, cleans and brightens unpainted aluminum trailers, trucks, and buses quickly, effectively, and, when used as directed, streak free. It is particularly recommended for removing the powdery sea air residues from ISO containers. AB-XTREME is also recommended for brightening stainless steel tanks prior to alkaline washing in a two step process. Up to 50:1 Dilution

ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER    Acid Cleaner and Restorer

ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER – Aluminum Cleaner and Restorer is a concentrated acidic detergent for cleaning unpainted aluminum trailers, trucks, and buses. ALUMINUM BRIGHTENER instantaneously removes road film, dulling oxide film, and diesel smoke residues without brushing or scrubbing. Easy to apply and will not etch or harm painted surfaces when used as directed. Not recommended for use on glass. Up to 25:1 dilution

CMC-22    Concrete and Masonry Cleaner

CMC-22 is a non-foaming, concentrated acid cleaner specifically developed for maintaining concrete and cement trucks and other related equipment used for handling and mixing concrete and cement. CMC-22 rapidly attacks, softens, loosens, and dissolve concrete and cement deposits and its fizzing action tells you that it is working.

CMC-33    Scale Build-Up Remover

CMC-33 is a powerful acid cleaner with multiple applications. The product can be used as a descaler for boilers and heat exchangers, as well as a cleaner to remove scale, water deposits and precipitates from industrial waste processing equipment. CMC-33 may be used for concrete and cement truck maintenance and can even as an etchant in the preparation of concrete floors for painting. CMC-33 is high foaming and will cling to vertical surfaces when applied as a foam. The Contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent flash rusting of ferrous metals. It works in all water, rinses freely, and contains biodegradable detergents. 

ETCH   Concrete Surface Prep

ETCH is a concentrated multi-purpose acid etchant. ETCH is used to prepare concrete for sealing by  “roughing up” concrete surfaces to give subsequent finishes a good anchor. ETCH quickly dissolves excess mortar from brick and masonry for an easy post job clean-up. ETCH can even be used to remove rust and scale. Prior to applying epoxy flooring, remove ETCH and use John-Henry ACID NEUTRALIZER.

Go-pHER   Rust Remover for SS Tanks

GO-pHER Acid Cleaner is formulated for the removal of rust from stainless steel tank interiors, such as road tankers, tank containers, IBC’s. This concentrated product works rapidly and cost effectively when applied with a fogger. GO-pHER’s super-chelation allows for ease of rinsing without the need to enter the tank to scrub and flush out precipitated iron. Prepares surface for effective passivation with John-Henry PASSIVE 8® series of products (ASTM-A967 standard).

Gr-Out HOGG   Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaner

GR-OUT HOGG Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaner is a concentrated, safe, highly effective cleaner for glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles and grout. GR-OUT HOGG is a blend of strong acids and acid chelates, a water soluble solvent, and special penetrants that rapidly root out dirt, grease, and grime. GR-OUT HOGG is the perfect product to clean tile walls and floors in kitchens and food preparation areas, washrooms, locker room, public restrooms, etc. Wherever used, GR-OUT HOGG will dig out the dirt. 

JACK-HAMMER   Ring-Back Concrete Remover

JACK HAMMER is a heavy duty, fast working non-fuming acid cleaner for maintaining cement and concrete trucks and equipment. JACK HAMMER dissolves cement and loosens deposits of concrete, mortar, and other Portland products. JACK HAMMER is excellent for cement mixers, trucks, and application tools. JACK HAMMER also removes light rust and helps prevent it from immediately reforming. Use labor saving JACK HAMMER. 

LUMINATE   Premium Acid Aluminum Cleaner and Restorer

LUMINATE is a  concentrated, heavy duty, fast acting liquid aluminum trailer cleaner and brightener. The product, a potent blend of acids, wetting agents, emulsifiers, and a water soluble solvent for extra grease cutting action, cleans road film deposits and diesel smoke residues without brushing in seconds. When used as directed. LUMINATE removes dulling oxide films, will not streak, and leaves a soft, “satin” finish. Use LUMINATE to clean over-the-road and unpainted trailers and as a brightener for stainless steel tankers. Up to 35:1 dilution.

RUST-AWAY   Rust Remover and Converter

RUST AWAY, concentrated acid detergent, is a highly effective rust remover that actually chemically converts the surface iron oxide to a corrosion resistant coating that wards off further corrosion and promotes the subsequent adhesion of paints and other film forming coatings. RUST AWAY is the perfect product to remove rust from ships, storage tanks, bridges, scaffolding, industrial equipment, farm equipment, metal siding and the like and prepare those surfaces for painting. 

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